Benefits of Walking to Work

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Maintains a healthy weight Walking can help you to stay in shape as it increases the metabolism by burning extra calories and preventing muscle loss. Decreases risk of chronic conditions The benefits of walking to work include lowering the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. For example, cycling or brisk walking every week. It can also help with joint pain and recommends walking to improve arthritis pain, fatigue, function and quality of life. Opens your eyes Walking will give you the opportunity to notice your surroundings more and admire the beauty around you. They also disclosed that only two fifths of adults walk for travel at least once a week. Walking is a simple way to become more active and healthier. If the distance between your home situps and workplace isn?t too far. Walking briskly can help to build stamina, burn excess calories and make your heart healthier. Then why not walk to work. If you aren?t an overly active person walking is a great way to get started. Improves your wellbeing A study from the and (CEDAR) found that walking or cycling to work is better for people?s mental health than driving. It highlighted that active commuters are better able to concentrate and are under less stress than if they were to have traveled by car.The Department for Transport revealed that walking trips have decreased 19% between 2005 and 2015. You may feel worn out the first couple of times you walk to/from work, but that will soon fade and you won?t even notice it. Here are the benefits of walking to work: Provides daily exercise The recommend that adults aged 19-64 should try to do at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity. We can get caught up in everyday life and forget to stop to notice the little things, walking to and from work can make you appreciate everything that little bit more

Offering breakfast could encourage staff to come in that little bit earlier and would put them in a positive mood. Thus demonstrating they are appreciated and it doesn?t hurt to say thank you. So, at Incorpore we believe in tailoring wellness services to those within your workplace and our health, fitness and wellness offerings allow us to do so. Baking competitions, sporting events, fancy dress or quizzes are fun activities that will require colleagues to participate together. It is difficult to have a one-size fits all wellness strategy. The UK?s productivity sank again in the second quarter of 2017, meaning Britain is closer to a lost decade of productivity growth. A wellness strategy can boost morale, increase employee engagement, reduce absenteeism, help staff retention and improve productivity.?For more information, please contact Incorpore on . James Shillaker, Director at Incorpore said: ?We strongly believe about Health From Within and having a wellness strategy in place is vital to having healthier, happier and more productive workers.The average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime. Companies such as Netflix, LinkedIn and Virgin Managements offer their staff unlimited paid leave. Recognise milestones Time can go so quickly when you are busy and celebrating the little things can often get forgotten. Above all, fun activities such as go karting, rock climbing, bowling, kayaking, or trampolining can make for a fun work outing. Consequently, this means one third of your waking hours will be spent at work. As a company you can support a local charity and encourage staff to take part in the initiative. Have fun work outings A company that plays together stays together. An academic study has shown that the return on investment for some workplace health initiatives can range from ?2 for every ?1 spent to ?34 for every ?1 spent. Work with charities Charitable actions can boost morale across your workforce. Have a wellness strategy in place Investing in the wellness of your workforce is vital to productive, satisfied, loyal and happy employees. Incorpore has two gym solution products offering discounted gym memberships at over 3,500 gyms: and . Healthy and relaxed employees are happy employees. Increase holiday allowances You could boost morale by increasing holiday entitlement for your employees every year they have been with the business. Thus creating positivity amongst them. Their goal is to dramatically increase the take-up and promotion of gym memberships and wellness services across the UK?s working population.? Recognising milestones within your workplace can go a long way with staff for morale! These include work anniversaries, promotions, team members who have done a good job, birthdays, new babies or weddings . Therefore, employee engagement and improving morale is key to a successful company. Additionally, you could offer a day off for birthdays, which would be received generously by employees. Adopting fun and engaging events to support a charity will create a feel-good feeling in the office. Therefore, providing your staff with breakfast, lunch or afternoon treats can make a difference. Therefore, allowing them to come back feeling refreshed, happier and more productive. Team-building exercises can bring closer your employees and allow them to bond in a non-working environment. Provide office treats No matter who the employee is they will need to eat. Savings can be made on a wide variety of gym memberships including Virgin Active, Gymbox, David Lloyd, Nuffield Health, Pure Gym, The Gym, DW Fitness, Third Space and many more. Low morale can be displayed through high turnover rates, fewer employee conversations and decreased productivity. It doesn?t have to be every week, but an impromptu just because treat highlights that your team are valued. For example, other incentives could include offering extra holiday as a reward instead of a pay rise or bonus.? is the UKs leading health, fitness and wellness company. Increasing holiday allowances can allow employees to spend more time with their families, go on longer holidays or volunteer. However, not all companies will be able to facilitate a similar offering

Along with?balancing out any extra calories you eat to stay healthy over Easter. You will be less likely to eat a whole dark chocolate egg in one sitting and it will stop eating once you are full. However, your exercise routine shouldn?t be neglected as a result.Easter is just a couple of days away and it brings with it unhealthy tasty goods. If you do set yourself healthy eating goals over Easter try to keep them realistic and not be too extreme. Eat chocolate in small doses Don?t try to skip Easter or refuse yourself chocolate as you will likely end up binge eating lots of chocolate. Dark chocolate with at least 70% dark cocoa contains more antioxidants and high levels of cocoa have been shown to lower blood pressure. It?s near enough impossible to avoid all Easter temptation when supermarkets bring out Easter chocolates in February or earlier. If an employee is already a member of the gym, most participating gyms are happy for the employee to transfer their membership. Ensure you have a sufficient amount of health foods, fruit and vegetables in the house before the long weekend. A day out will also allow you to walk off the calories you would have eaten. It is a voucher based or discount code scheme which offers employees the opportunity to benefit from discounted gym memberships. However, you don?t have to hibernate from it all, you can indulge in Easter treats! Most importantly it is about striking a balance! Here?s how to stay healthy over Easter: Don?t skip your workouts Easter weekend can become quite hectic with seeing family and friends. Focus of family fun Choosing a family activity to do over Easter weekend will keep you all physically active and will provide a fun outing. However, it can keep you from snacking and help you to keep track of your weight. Your Easter eggs don?t have to all be eaten in one go at the weekend so take your time and savour them. Avoid snacking and filling up on chocolates Whilst you will have Easter weekend off, it doesn?t mean your meal schedule should go out of the window. The memberships are set up and paid for in club or online directly by the employee. They offer discounts at thousands of locations at?gyms, leisure centres, health clubs and class studios across the UK and Ireland. However, your waistline and stomach would disagree. For more information please visit the or contact the team on . Then cause you to be hungry when your energy levels drop. Try to also be mindful of the portion of Easter eggs you have, share normal sized ones with your family and opt for mini versions if you are alone. It might be tempting to eat nothing but chocolate. Choose quality over quantity When you purchase Easter eggs, avoid bulk buying your chocolate and instead opt for good quality chocolate. Everything is fine in moderation! Balance out the calories Keeping a food diary over Easter may not be the most fun of task. Even if you don?t exercise as frequently as normal, one workout is better than none at all! Try going to the gym first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening and doing exercises that provide a full body workout! If you are looking to save money, provides discounts on gym memberships. Discounts are available on a variety of contracts, meaning employees don?t necessarily need to commit to a 12-month agreement. Only eating Easter eggs will spike blood sugar levels

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